Gen Z Wants to Work for Companies That Are Committed to Changing Themselves

by | Mar 11, 2021

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Gen Z Wants to Work for Companies That Are Committed to Changing Themselves

by Ngozi Weller

March 11, 2021

‘Committed to changing the world’ is a tagline that many companies have stuck on the end of their mission statement over the past decade in a bid to attract young professionals, a group that has increasingly prioritised personal values in deciding where to work.

But with a car crash of a year behind them, and a legacy of mental health problems in their wake, the new breed of young professionals, aka Gen Z, are asking for more. These graduates don’t simply want companies to be committed to improving the world, but to improving themselves. This group wants to work for companies that are committed to hiring a more diverse workforce, companies that are committed to supporting their workers’ wellbeing. These are the demands of the under 30s, and if companies wish to attract top-level graduates, they need to up their game.

Despite a pandemic and recession limiting their options, under 30s are uncompromising when it comes to their values and wellbeing. Whilst the first concern for these young professionals is always going to be job security, ensuring that their job corresponds with their personal values comes in at a close second.

Study after study corroborates this, but for one example I’ll point you to an article in the Washington Post called “For younger job seekers, diversity and inclusion in the workplace aren’t a preference. They’re a requirement.” It’s a good read, but the headline also does a good job of summarising its main point. Gen Z needs companies to do better.

Realistically valuing a workplace’s attitude and values is nothing new, work atmosphere has always held significance for the average employee, and Gen Z or not, employees rarely stay in jobs where they feel uncomfortable or under-appreciated for any long period of time. However, what the ‘new professionals’ are bringing to the table is the confidence and ability to judge a work environment before taking the job offer. The introduction of diversity schemes, and an increase in the dialogue surrounding discrimination, when coupled with the accessibility that the internet brings, is allowing Gen Z the opportunity to make a call about whether they want you, long before they give you the opportunity to decide whether you want them.

So pretty yourself up, straighten your tie, and throw on a wellbeing scheme or two. You’re on show.

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