Empowering Leadership in Crisis: Strengthening Performance & Wellbeing at FSL Aerospace

by | Aug 23, 2023

FSL Aerospace is a Supply Chain Integrator supporting the Aerospace/Defence/Security sectors since 1985. Specializing in the commodities of fasteners, machined parts, consumables and associated components. The business operates as an SME with twenty-three employees based in Uxbridge, Middlesex. They are proud of their ability to build long lasting, collaborative working relationships with their employees and clients alike.

The Brief:

As the UK entered the second lockdown in 2020, some FSL Aerospace employees were struggling with wellbeing issues primarily associated with the pandemic, quarantine and recent work pressures. Having already trained their staff population on our signature A.N.G.E.L. of Wellbeing® workshop, the feedback from these wellbeing sessions, further highlighted that FSL line managers needed additional support to better equip them at deal with the challenges of people management in the midst of change, growth, and uncertainty.

Although the team were very close, several members of the FSL workforce were struggling with mental health issues which understandably affected general morale and overall productivity. The senior leadership did not feel adept to meet this rising need and asked Aurora to address the gap between the manager’s responsibility to support employee wellbeing and their capability to do so.

“We had a particularly bad run with HR issues. The environment wasn’t working, people were struggling, so we had to put in the tools in place to manage this.” – Carly Prickett, Managing Director

Our Solution:

Carly Prickett, Managing Director at FSL Aerospace enrolled all senior managers and line managers onto the 6-month Rise of the New Leader™ programme, with the aim of supporting their workforce through the difficult transitionary period that followed the UK lockdowns. This was a combination of classroom learning and One-on-One Executive Coaching sessions.

  • We worked with the senior leadership team to gain more insight into what issues and concerns their employees are dealing with on a day-to-day basis (management/environment/workload etc.) so that the leadership team knew how best to support their staff.
  • We helped them accurately identify signs of chronic stress and low productivity in their direct reports, so that they could quickly and confidently address them before they significantly impacted overall employee productivity and morale.
  • We reviewed the way each manager navigated uncomfortable conversations with their direct reports, some who were experiencing a wide range of life challenges, which had led to exacerbated mental health conditions and poor performances. Following the review, we taught them effective tools and techniques to make the most of their 121s with their direct reports so that they could successfully incorporate sound mental wellbeing practices into their daily people management.
  • We helped the managers support team members to work safely and effectively in a virtual environment so that they continue to thrive regardless of the challenges of extended periods of home working.

The Results:

  • The senior leadership team had a better understanding of mental health and how poor mental health had significantly affected employee engagement, morale and overall productivity.
  • All managers could accurately identify signs of chronic stress and poor mental health in their teams and felt able to quickly and confidently address them before they impacted on team productivity.
  • Managers had developed a new style of leadership that enabled them lead with empathy and to help foster a culture of openness and psychological safety within their teams.
  • All managers reported that they better understood themselves as leaders, including their personal leadership styles, personality traits which has equipped them to successfully lead a post-pandemic workforce.

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