Episode 47: Merry Christmas, Rebels!

by | Dec 28, 2023

Welcome to Episode 47 of “The Wellbeing Rebellion,” where we close the year with heartfelt gratitude and excitement.

We are both thrilled to share our journey since launching on International Women’s Day. We’ve had amazing guests from various industries, discussing mental and emotional wellbeing at work. Thanks to our inspiring guests and our production team at the Podcast Boutique, we’ve even clinched an award in the health and wellbeing category!

As we look ahead to 2024, we promise new episodes, guests, and empowering content. Join us as we continue this award-winning journey. Happy holidays and see you next year, rebels! 🌟

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Ngozi Weller

Ngozi Weller is a culture change consultant and an ICF accredited coach who helps build resilience into your business by creating psychologically safe workplaces that enable employees to thrive.

Obehi Alofoje

Obehi is a psychologist and culture change consultant who helps senior HR and business leaders reduce employee burnout, absenteeism & talent attrition through mental wellbeing strategy, training & coaching.

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