EP 53: Do We Still Care About Workplace Wellbeing?

by | Feb 8, 2024

Everywhere we go now, we hear about wellbeing. However, is this something we are actively practising or has it just become another buzz word?

People seem to have grown tired of the word wellbeing, especially senior leaders. Over time, it’s started to feel confusing or overwhelming and this can slow down a company’s wellbeing approach.

So, how do we make sure we ALWAYS put wellbeing first? This episode looks at some trends that might be pushing us in the wrong direction and what we can do to change that!

Here are the highlights from this episode:

  • (02:22) It won’t go away on the basis that people will continue to be people!
  • (10:40) Wellbeing is such an individual thing.
  • (16:18) Culture change is at the heart of good employee mental wellbeing.
  • (28:16) We are able to see through things that are not genuine.
  • (31:34) The role modelling that we’re doing for the younger generation is so damaging.
  • (41:55) What is the cost of you doing nothing?

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Ngozi Weller

Ngozi Weller is a culture change consultant and an ICF accredited coach who helps build resilience into your business by creating psychologically safe workplaces that enable employees to thrive.

Obehi Alofoje

Obehi is a psychologist and culture change consultant who helps senior HR and business leaders reduce employee burnout, absenteeism & talent attrition through mental wellbeing strategy, training & coaching.

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